PSR sunphotometer

PI Stelios Kazadzis
Operator: Panos Raptis
Participant National Observatory of Athens
Instrument picture

The radiative forcing of atmospheric aerosols represents one of the largest uncertainties in the Earth radiative budget. Global networks of surface based sunphotometers such as the GAWPFR network operated by PMOD/WRC measure the aerosol optical depth at several distinct wavelength channels between the ultraviolet and the infrared. A precision solar array spectroradiometer has been developed in order to complement and eventually replace the four-channel precision filter sunphotometer currently in use.


Direct solar irradiance 310-1030 nm (sampling/step 0.7 nm)

Main Applications/products:

Climate Monitoring Spectral aerosol optical depth, Direct Normal Irradiance (Energy)

Photovoltaic Industry:

Reference measurements of direct normal spectral solar irradiance [Wm-2nm-1]

Instrument activity

Recent measurements

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The campaign is organized and funded through the ACTRIS, the European Research Infrastructure for the observation of Aerosol, Clouds, and Trace gases.