PI Kostantinos Eleftheriadis
Participant N.C.S.R. DEMOKRITOS
The Aurora 3000 three wavelength nephelometer is the instrument of choice for climate change researchers, helping them to derive the aerosol asymetry parameter, Angstrom coeeficient and the single scattering albedo of aerosols. Using it's innovative LED light source, the Aurora 3000 simultaneously measures at 525nm (green), 450nm (blue) and 635nm (red) to enable wide and in-depth analysis of the interaction between light and aerosols. The Ecotech Aurora 3000 includes backscatter measurement that allows both standard integrating measurements of 9-170° and also the back scatter 90-170°. Retrieved parameters : Total scattering and backscattering coefficients

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The campaign is organized and funded through the ACTRIS, the European Research Infrastructure for the observation of Aerosol, Clouds, and Trace gases.