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Start time Feb. 20, 2016, 6 a.m.
Stop time Feb. 20, 2016, noon
Duration 6 hours
Instrument PollyXT Raman lidar
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Related graphs

Measurement graph

Graph 1: Range-corrected signal@355nm - 2016_02_20_Sat_NOA_06_00_01-355.png

Measurement graph

Graph 2: Range-corrected signal@532nm - 2016_02_20_Sat_NOA_06_00_01-532.png

Measurement graph

Graph 3: Range-corrected signal@1064nm - 2016_02_20_Sat_NOA_06_00_01-1064.png

Measurement graph

Graph 4: Volume depolarization ratio - 2016_02_20_Sat_NOA_06_00_01-depol.png

Logs & Measurements

PollyXT Raman lidar logs
  • NDF adjustment (Feb 20th, 2016)
Parallel measurements

The campaign is organized and funded through the ACTRIS, the European Research Infrastructure for the observation of Aerosol, Clouds, and Trace gases.